Knowledge Seeker

Educators as Knowledge Seekers

If you had told our ancestors that in the 21st century all of the information ever known to man would be available in a hand-held device that fits in your pocket, they would never have believed you. Actually, you probably wouldn’t have to go back more than a couple of generations for them to think this idea was something out of a science fiction novel. But this is our current reality, and in fact, the data generated every day on the web is increasing so much by the day that it’s almost enough to make your head explode.

As mentioned in my last post, critical consumption is a key component of the creative process, but what does this mean for us as researchers. How are we, as educators, navigating this flood of information and seeking out only what is best and/or most relevant for our students and ourselves? What opportunities are we giving our students to be knowledge seekers? And what do we want students to do with all this knowledge? The answers to these questions are complex and multifaceted, but I’ll do my best to unpack these. Continue reading “Knowledge Seeker”

Getting Real

This week’s post has taken a lot of time and thought. It has challenged me and upset me. It has sparked dinner conversations with my (non-educator) partner and visiting relatives. It has sent me into the internet vortex of blog posts, articles and Twitter chats. It has even made me reach out to a mentor. It has also given me a lot to think about upon my return to school next week.

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It’s very fitting that this post falls on the cusp of a new year; a time of reflection and future intentions. Although I may not celebrate the Lunar New Year in the same capacity as my colleagues and host country, I have adopted this occasion as an opportunity to recalibrate my resolutions from last month’s New Year. Some of these goals are health and self-care related, but the majority of them are centered around teaching and learning, so it makes sense to align my learning goals to ISTE standards. The hard part for me is narrowing my focus to just one or two because, like most things in my life, I tend to take on too much.

Goals for my learners

Stepping back into the classroom as a homeroom teacher has been a great opportunity to facilitate the goal setting process with students. The dialogue, modeled thinking and reflective practices that are presented throughout this process have far-reaching impacts on students. My ISTE-focused goals for the students in my care this year are around Standards 1 and 6, learner empowerment and creative communication.  Continue reading “#GoalDigger”